Monday, June 04, 2007

The Pope is welcome to use this room to pray!

Joe from Lynn in my last post asked to see my prayer it is. It's only about 5' x 7 feet but it really dominates the upstairs area of the house I live in. Actually, anybody can make, as Joe calls it, a "prayer corner." A crucifix, in my opinion, is the only "must have."

The Wayside Crucifix is a gift from a priest who got it in Rome. The kneeler is a gift from the former rector of my church...a leftover from when the Cathedral was renovated. On your right, as you enter the room, is a holy water font (I accidently cut it off in the photo) and was also a gift. Not shown is a simple chair in the right hand corner.

I have no idea what this room was before I moved in. The house is old...built in 1847. I like to think it was originally a room reserved for prayer, but I really don't know. All I know is that when I first saw it, that seemed to be its mission.

His Holiness is cordially invited to pray here if he visits Boston. But even if he doesn't, that's okay...I pray for him in this room every day!