Friday, July 27, 2007

Sell milk affordably will you? We'll see about THAT!

Ah, Massachusetts...the liberal state.

Here, The Almighty Government Careth About Thou!

Due to our benevolence, in many cities thou shalt not smoke. Thou shalt not eat trans-fatty stuff. Thou shalt not allow thy children to become...obese. Since thou art not able to see to thy children's welfare, nor to thy own for that matter, The Government shalt taketh thy burdens off thy hands and enact commandments For Thy Own Good. (eth.)

Thou shalt not drink milk.


Yep, it's true. The state that always prides itself on its concern for The Children has ordered retailers who darest to sell milk at an affordable price to cut the crappeth out and conform to Its Rules.

And so, poor folks—and maybe not so poor folks—will most likely opt for the more affordable alternative.

Soda, anyone?

Source: The Boston Globe