Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Sister Mary Martha!

The tough, lovable, raspy, funny, and irrepressible Sister Mary Martha started her blog a year ago this month. Happy Anniversary, Sister!

Her blog is right up there on what is called the "Blogger's Choice Awards." From what I gather, the winners—there are, I think 36, categories but remember there are lots o' blogs!—will be congratulated in Las Vegas this coming November. Sister is nominated thrice...

Parenthetical comment warning:
(There are very few occasions when I've got the chance to legitimately use the word "thrice" ...forgive me for taking advantage.)

...Best Religion Blog, Best Humor Blog, and The "Blogitzer," the latter being a recognition for really good writing if I understand it correctly, and if so, Sister deserves it. Her prose combines wit with crisp, no-nonsense fun. And that ain't no oxymoron!

P.S. Okay, I stole the picture. But with the best intentions!