Friday, August 24, 2007

Ellen Goodman on women's rights: getting it wrong, again.

You know what's frustrating to me about "liberal" writers? So many of them are blessed with genuine talent...and they waste it by lying.

Take Ellen Goodman's op-ed in today's Boston Globe. (Please.)

One of the biggest thrills of my year is election day.

Really, I love it. I love the fact that I can vote. (Even though most always the people I vote for lose...I live in Massachusetts.) And I'm eternally grateful to our Founding Fathers for establishing a country where I might do so, and to the courageous and dedicated women of the last century for fighting for my right as a woman to do so.

Sunday, August 26, is the anniversary of women's suffrage in the United States.

And what does the admittedly talented Ellen Goodman do about it?

She screws it all up.

In an effort to be funny, she chooses (I gather this is a yearly thing with her) to insist that, after all these years, women are victims. It's rather insulting, actually, if you happen to be an American woman. Which I am.

Festooned with jabs against men from other countries, she manages to, not surprisingly, get in a stab against a U.S. Supreme Court judge who didn't tickle her fancy for abortion, on her terms:

Unfortunately, we must return home for the Patriarch of the Year Prize. It goes with disappointment to US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, whose opinion restricting abortions rested on the retro notion that women needed to be protected from "regret," "grief," and "sorrow," even if it meant protecting them from their rights. We send the paternalistic justice a hook to bring him back to the 21st century.

Here's the thing, Ellen o' mine...choose another day for your abortion cheerleader act. Leave the anniversary of women's suffrage alone, okay? Because you know what?

The women who fought for—and won!—your right to vote were unambiguously pro-life.

Have a little respect for women like Susan B. Anthony and for heaven's sake choose another day.

(Don't believe me? Ask an atheist!)