Saturday, August 25, 2007

A lady named "Alice Iaquinta" insults Catholic women

On Sunday, this divorced mother and grandmother was ordained in Minneapolis as a Catholic priest.

No. She's playing games with herself. (And the reporter is playing games too.)

She is one of only about 60 women in the world that have been ordained as a Catholic priest.

She is one of only about ZERO in this category.

Iaquinta has a master of divinity degree.

I have a driver's ed certificate. So the bleep what?

"We're doing this for our daughters and our granddaughters, because we can not continue to exclude half the human race from the arms of ministry," Iaquinta said.

Listen, you mother. (I mean that with all due respect.)

I know a lady who has pretty much single-handedly run a homeless shelter in Boston for over a quarter of a century. With no pretty, color-coordinated robes to show for it.

I know women who regularly and without fanfare, mind you (that being an important point, mother, note it well) feed the hungry, raise children, visit the sick and the imprisoned, and more. Not to mention women who have consecrated their lives in quiet, unsung service in prayer and good works to Jesus and Our Lady.

They are not featured in local newspapers, nor do they want to be.

You, Lady Iaquinta, have insulted them all.

And you know what's the kicker in all of this?

They're praying for you!

That's right. You are, to these women you have insulted profoundly (with your stupid "divinity degree") pitiable in their eyes and they are praying for you to give up your misplaced pride and for heaven's sake grow the bleep up.

They have, in other words lady, have added prayers for you to their ministry and blast you for telling me and anybody who reads their words that they are "excluded."

May God bless you, and may God have mercy on me for my anger right now.