Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Labor Day Lesson

Actually, it was a beautiful day, last Monday. Sunny, breezy...I was just about to go out to the front porch when I heard a horrendous noise and, hurrying out, gaped at what happened to my friend Nina's car (which she left in my driveway to "keep it safe" while on vacation.)


As I surveyed the damage, I couldn't help but (okay...I
could've helped but chose not to) utter a minor expletive. "Oh, gosh, what can be worse??? This is terrible!!!" (Expletive, mild as it was, deleted.)

The family next door was enjoying a Labor Day picnic on their front lawn.

I always like when they do this. For one thing, it's cool having a real front lawn in the city. For another, it's totally cool, in my opinion, to actually
use a front lawn other than for show. How many people do you know who actually use their front lawns? But I digress.

A little kid woke me up.

"Oooh," she said. "Aren't we happy nobody was hurt? Yay!" I looked at her, looked at her mom, looked at the car, and looked at the ground. Finally I mumbled my thanks to God...and to His little angel who gave me a lesson I sorely needed.