Thursday, September 06, 2007

"We R Church" criticizes Pope! In other breaking news...

The sun rises in the east!

Water is wet!

Snow is cold!

From Reuters:

"The situation screams for solutions," said Peter Hurka, spokesman for the We Are Church grassroots activist group.

"There will be only speeches, no discussions (during the visit). The Church is about to lose those under 50 years old. You can't pray away the problems."

Coupla points, Peter.

The Church isn't losing those under 50. Au contraire, or however you say it in Austria. The Church is gaining people under 50. It's the aging hippies She's concerned about.

Of course, there are the Austrian exceptions, evidently, to what I just said:

The youth wing of Austria's governing Social Democrats will hold a rally on Friday against Benedict's conservative stance on homosexuality and women's rights.

(By "women's rights" they mean the We R Church's increasingly boring call for one of my favorite oxymora: "women's ordination to the priesthood." I have no idea what they mean by "Benedict's conservative stance on homosexuality.")

And you know what? You really can pray away problems, Peter o' Mine. Ask Jesus. (You've heard of Him, I'm sure...He founded the Church you're kvetching about.)