Friday, October 05, 2007

Connecticut bishops: where are your heads? (They gave the nod to "Plan B")

Look, rape isn't pretty. I realize that.

Rape, which isn't a sexual act but rather a violent one, sometimes—rarely but sometimes—results in pregnancy.

Now pregnancy is not only pretty. It's beautiful. It's a gift from God. And nobody has the right to take it away.

Am I saying that women should become pregnant via a rapist's attack? Of course not. Am I saying that should such a pregnancy occur it should be "terminated?" Of course not. Am I saying that the rape victim and all concerned should be open to pregnancy?

Yes I am!!!!

(So shoot me.)

Here's the thing about "Plan B":

It's wrong.

The bishops of Connecticut used to think so. They've changed their minds.

An "evolution of thinking." (Huh?)

The bishops could've at least fought for an ovulation test—to determine whether the woman's egg had been fertilized—but no.

Barry Feldman, a spokesman for the Connecticut Catholic Conference, said that since the bill passed, the bishops had "an evolution of thinking" about "the state of existing science and the lack of definitive teaching by the church and the fact that there are many who are affiliated with the church that believe the ovulation test isn't necessary."


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