Thursday, October 04, 2007

An earnest request for my friends in Purgatory

Every soul in Purgatory is my friend. I hope each is yours, too.

As you probably know, you can obtain a plenary indulgence for a soul in Purgatory in many ways. Since this is the month of the Rosary, I'm asking you for this favor:

1.) Pray, with a group—in either a chapel, church, oratory, family group, or religious community, five decades of the Rosary.

2.) Make sure the prayers are vocal, and that you and your colleagues meditate on each mystery.

3.) Announce each mystery (e.g., "The Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist") aloud.

That's pretty easy, right? Okay. To continue:

4.) Receive the Sacrament of Confession within a few days.

5.) Receive the Blessed Sacrament within a few days.

6.) Pray for the intentions of our Holy Father.

Now, to make it even simpler:

When you go to confession, try and assist at Mass on the same day, and try to find a Mass at a chapel or church where the Rosary is prayed either before or after. Obviously, receive the Blessed Sacrament! In the prayers following the Rosary, remember the Pope's intentions.

And offer your plenary indulgence on behalf of a soul in Purgatory!

Here's why I'm asking:

Probably I should've realized this before, but I didn't. Only a partial indulgence is granted, evidently, even given all the above conditions, if the recipient isn't free of all attachments to sin—even venial sin!


I've come to realize that it is a rare—very rare—occasion indeed that I am free from all attachments to sin, including venial sin.

I may walk out of the confessional, perform with great love my penance, assist at the Holy Sacrifice, receive the Blessed Sacrament with gratitude, and participate in the communal praying of the Most Holy Rosary, remembering with my friends to pray for the Pope's intentions.

But—alas—imperfection assails me!

Today, for example, I found myself annoyed at a lady who wandered around the chapel while we were praying the Rosary. Why? Why did I concentrate on her (and by the way, what in the world is wrong with wandering around a chapel while others pray? She wasn't hurting anybody!) instead of meditating on the Mystery?

Well, you get my point.

It seems that, try as I might (and I must try harder!) to avoid even venial sin, I'm not doing such a hot job as yet.

And so I'm asking you:

Try and make up for my lack.

Holy Mother Church, founded by Jesus Christ and ably assisted by His Most Gracious Mother, is offering us a chance to spring souls from Purgatory. During, especially, this month of the Rosary, I'm asking you to do whatever you can to grab this chance with gratitude and love.