Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Rosary around the neck

While waiting for the cashier guy to ring up the few things I'd bought at my local Walgreens tonight, I noticed he was wearing a Rosary around his neck. Since the computer thing-a-ma-bob was taking its own sweet time, and since their weren't any customers behind me, I struck up a conversation, which sorta went like this:

ME: Nice Rosary.
HE: Huh?
ME: Your Rosary. It's nice.
HE: Yeah? What.
ME: Around your neck. You pray the Rosary?
HE: Oh, this? Nah. I don't believe in that stuff.
ME: No?
HE: I don't believe in anything.
ME: But...
HE: Sign here.

(The computer thing-a-ma-bob had come alive.)

ME: Well, gee, what you're wearing is a Rosary.
HE: So?
ME: Well, it means something to me...and to many people. It's...
HE: So?

I have a feeling I didn't handle this all that well. Especially when a lady cashier popped up from nowhere and said:

"Hey. You're wearing a bleeping ROSARY, for God's sake." (I could be wrong, and I hope I am, but I'm not sure she meant "you are wearing a Rosary for the sake of the Good Lord" if you know what I mean.)

The lady continued:

"I'm a bleeping CATHOLIC and what you're doing is WRONG, bleep it!"

I signed the credit card slip and left.

Glitterati aside, I really don't have much of a problem with people wearing their Rosaries. But it did bother me that this guy "didn't believe in anything"...or so he said.

I ended up solving the whole thing in my mind by saying a quick prayer for the guy.

Still, the incident made me a bit uneasy.

What do you think?