Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saints: my very good friends

I realized today that — outside of daily Mass — I probably spend more time asking saints to pray for us than I spend praising God for allowing them to do so!

For instance, let's saying I'm praying for you. I'll pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Glory Be...and then I'll ask anywhere from one to five saints to pray for you (and me) as well. Moreover, the saints I ask for intercession will have something to do with you.

If you're sick, for example, I'll not only ask Our Lady, Health of the Sick, to pray for you...I'll ask, if I know him or her, the patron of your particularly illness to do the same. If you're a musician, say, I might ask Saint Cecilia to pray for you. In health care? Saints Luke, Cosmas, and Damian will be asked for prayers. You know what I mean.

Do you pray "litanies" like this? Am I overdoing it?