Monday, October 29, 2007

Whatever happened to "white martyrdom?"

Every day -- and I'm not exaggerating -- I get a letter from a Christian or Catholic organization to protest. Something. Sometimes the causes indeed deserve some protest...but more often, it seems to me, the call to protest is an invitation to waste time in protesting instead of using it more wisely in prayer.

Not to pick on the American Family Association, but gee...

Today's subject line -- "Federal Government Strips 'God' From the Washington Monument" introduces a plea to write the President protesting the fact that the words Laus Deo (Praise be to God) have been removed from a plaque on the Washington Monument.

Wait. If I'm reading this right, the actual words haven't been removed from the monument itself, but rather from a plaque of a replica of the monument. (Somebody please tell me if I'm wrong on this...I don't think I am, but just in case.)

Here's the thing:

It's a good thing to defend the Faith. I'm not arguing that at all. My point is, though, that Christianity is and always has been, in one way or another, attacked. God, since He created the universe, has subjected Himself to attack by His creatures.

Wake up and rejoice, for Heaven's sake!

Yeah, it's a good thing to defend the Faith but I put it to you that it's a silly thing to waste all of the time -- or a good deal of it -- writing angry letters and sending angry faxes when we could all be praying and praising God and, well, acting like saved people!

Not too many of us will ever have the opportunity to die for Christ. But I think we all could put up with a bit of grief for the honor and glory of the Lord.

Do you know what I mean?