Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boston TV team report 100+ priests accused of abuse living "among us"...how come nobody else is reporting this?

Last night, WBZ TV news reported that its "I-Team:"

...has found there are at least 100 priests living in our cities and towns -- priests who the archdiocese has taken out of service because of credible allegations of sexual abuse.

Most of them never had to register as sex offenders because their cases never went to criminal court.

Anne Barrett Doyle and Ed Clohessy, who have showed up on the pages of Boston media, especially the Globe, on an extremely regular basis, are nowhere to be found in that paper nor, in fact, did I find anything about this story anywhere, except for a mention on a blog or two.

This perplexes me. If you read the story (or watch the video which is on the same page) it seems like a potentially Big Deal...up to and including Cardinal Sean O'Malley's refusal to comment (although I thought the reference to his "handlers" was a bit much).

So I'm wondering...why hasn't anybody else in the main stream media—especially here in Boston—leaped on this? I'm honestly at sea here.

A few years ago you couldn't flick on the tube, launch your browser, or pick up a newspaper or magazine—anywhere in the country or the world, for that matter—without some reference to Boston's clergy abuse scandal. Now, when it looks like there's a story again (and trust me, or rather don't trust me as a journalist because I'm not) only a lone voice in TV land is talking.

What's up?

I sincerely have no clue. But this silence (and yes, I realize it's only been a day but that hasn't stopped wire services and other outlets before) is disturbing. There are doubtless other reasons, but I can only imagine two:

1.) That there's something factually wrong with the story or
2.) It's not "news" anymore.

Any ideas?