Sunday, May 11, 2008

Governor Sebelius, please cooperate in your own salvation!

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius should stop taking Communion until she repudiates her support for the “serious moral evil” of abortion, the Catholic archbishop for northeast Kansas says.

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, also criticized the governor Friday for her recent veto of a bill imposing new restrictions on abortion providers.

Not a "problem?"

Sebelius spokeswoman Nicole Corcoran said the governor had not seen the column, [in the archdiocesan newspaper The Leaven] but said “receiving Communion has not been a problem in the past for her.”

Well, gee, the thing is, it is a problem not just for you, governor, but for all the Catholics in your state. Just because you haven't been denied the Sacrament doesn't mean it's "not a problem." In fact, this makes it more of a problem!

From Archbishop's The Leven column:

The Governor has spoken to me on more than one occasion about her obligation to uphold state and federal laws and court decisions. I have asked her to show a similar sense of obligation to honor divine law and the laws, teaching and legitimate authority within the Church.

And isn't this the crux of the matter?

I have not made lightly this request of Governor Sebelius, but only after much prayer and reflection. The spiritually lethal message, communicated by our Governor, as well as many other high profile Catholics in public life, has been in effect: “The Church’s teaching on abortion is optional!”

Please honor Archbishop Naumann's request and pray for Governor Sebelius, and that his action will help alert other Catholics to the moral gravity of participating in and/or cooperating with the performance of abortions.

Thank you, and Happy Pentecost and Happy Birthday to the Church!

Source: Prime Buzz