Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Confessions of an Ex-Feminist" has a couple of good tips to get 'em back

Dr. Lorraine Murray, Ph.D, accounts her trip from Catholicism to radical feminism, and back again in this Zenit interview.

Two great hints on lovingly shepherding:

I believe it is crucial for priests, who have received extensive education in theology, to take active roles in parish RCIA programs. Converts to the faith should become well-schooled in the teachings of orthodox Catholicism, so they will really understand the beliefs they are embracing.

I also would love to see more priests leading occasional “refresher” courses open to all parishioners, because many people in the pews are eager to defend their faith but lack the tools to do so. Lay Catholics need to have a copy of “The Catechism of the Catholic Church” handy and to consult it often.

Get it? The key word is PRIESTS. I'm sorry to have to say this, but I'm very weary of lay people in charge of RCIA "programs." I'm especially weary of lay people not owning — much less eager for access to — the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

This does not make me a bad person.

This, however, makes me an alert person, to some degree, at least.

Am I saying "Lay People are Bad People?"

Not in the least. I'm a Lay Person myself.

Okay, bad example.

What I mean is, many, many, MANY Lay People are Good People. The Gospel, the Word of God, tells us that we all have the obligation to spread the Good News.

One thing, though?

Too many Lay People get it screwed up.

Actually, so do too many priests, but that's a different blog. Why? Because, just to name one reason, priests are gifted by the Holy Spirit in more ways than we are. Priests know better. If a priest screws up, it's a good chance it's deliberate. If a Lay Person errs, it might be an honest mistake — or a dishonest lie, I don't know.

I do know that I used to work with an RCIA program in my parish, where, among other novelties, folks were "encouraged" to criticize the Words of Christ.

Example: Matthew 19:9

I remember distinctly a woman opining that she "disagreed with this Gospel." I looked toward the Lay Man in Charge (actually, he was a seminarian) for, surely, his correction of the lady's "opinion" but in vain. Alas, time was up, class was over.

Yeah, yeah, I know, this is just one example.

I've got more, and so, I've no doubt, have you.

I am bloody sick and tired of hearing that "lay people must take the place of priests."

BULL !@#$%^&*())))_*&&^%$#$##!!!!!!!!

It simply cannot be done.

In today's Gospel (Matthew 10:1-7) we learn that Jesus called the first apostles. While all of them weren't the greatest, all of them were chosen. Chosen! As are, as the fathers comment, their successors.

Ask the Father for good priests, for Heaven's sake.

Another thing I'm tired of? In the Mass Intercessions? The way the prayers are carefully worded (because, of course, we're not really praying to God, oh no, we're massaging each other) when it comes to praying for vocations to absolutely not omit the vocations of Marriage, The Single Life, and all that crap.

Huh? Come on, people!

Of course you know as well as I do that I'm not dissing the vocations of Marriage and The Single Life. But that's not why these intercessions are made.

They're made because we'd rather avoid antagonizing The Lay People than publicly admit to Our Father that what we really need down here is PRIESTS!!! You know, the male kind! The ones who answer Christ's call!

Please. Pray for more good men to hear the call of Christ to the priesthood. Thank you.