Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dear Michaelle Jean Governor General of Canada: Goodbye!!!

If you haven't read Canadian born and bread George Peate's open letter to that country's General Governor over the Order of Canada presented Henry Morgentaler (whose claim to fame is facilitating mass abortions), then I wish you would.

(And not incidentally, former New Brunswick lieutenant-governor returned his Order of Canada yesterday in protest to the Morgentaler award. H/T to the Christian Conservative.)

By the way...I truly ache for pro-life folks like George who are ashamed, or at least feel ashamed right now, of their country. After about 40 million legal child murders in my own homeland, I can understand this sense of bewilderment, and yes, shame.

But I hope they come to realize that it's not their country they should feel ashamed of. Rather, it's the liberal, "me first, morality last" mentality they need to fight. Every day, every hour, every second, while praying for the souls of those people who would sell theirs to the devil if the ink was good enough. But I think they know that already.

May God bless Canada.