Friday, July 04, 2008

Dr. Henry Morgentaler and his "health and humanitarian work in Canada"

In an article in Canada's Calgary Herald published today, July 4, Susana Martinuk writes:

Dr. (I use this term loosely) Morgentaler made abortion 'legal' through a challenge to the Supreme Court. The Court struck down the law against abortion in 1988. Twenty years later, Canada still has no law against abortion at any time during gestation, but we do have an international reputation for having the most liberal abortion policies in the developed world. Apparently, this is something to be celebrated.

He made abortion available. His great healthcare legacy is a chain of private abortion clinics where doctors can make great wads of cash outside of the medical/ethical oversight of hospital committees and other doctors.

Finally, he is credited with making abortion safe. He said this week that his efforts made abortion "one of the safest surgical procedures" and women are no longer killed, injured or left infertile.

She then goes on to succinctly debunk the "good doctor's" accolades.

Worth the read.

Not incidentally, you can do something about this.

For Canadians wishing to have the Order of Canada rescinded from Henry Morgentaler, click here.

For non-Canadians wishing to participate in a similar petition, click here.