Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A baby is led to death by "Catholic" hands...and hey, we're sorry for the "mix-up" and "embarrassment"

Here's the first part of the story, blogged here.

Here's the...aftermath.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Catholic leaders in Richmond are apologizing after a mix up enabled a 16-year-old illegal immigrant in a Catholic charity's care to get an abortion with help from charity staffers.

What "mix-up," you ask?

Good question.

First, let it be know that Bishop DiLorenzo has apologized.

"I express my profound apology for the loss of life of one of the most vulnerable among us," DiLorenzo wrote.

And continues:

"And I apologize for the profound embarrassment this has caused the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, and Catholics throughout the United States."


Try this test.

Substitute the words "sexual abuse" for the words "loss of life" in the Bishop's apology and how do you think his words would be accepted? (You don't have to change a thing in the second paragraph...the result would be the same.)

And this gets much, much worse.

The bishop had advance knowledge of the January procedure, but he said he was told by the charity's executive director, Joanne Nattrass, that there was nothing they could do to intervene.

Nattrass issued a statement saying she learned Jan. 17 that the girl was scheduled to have an abortion the next morning.

The information was relayed to the bishop, who Nattrass said replied that "I forbid this to happen." But Nattrass said she and other authorities were led to believe they could not stop it.

Could somebody explain this to me?

Could somebody explain this to folks, say, belonging to Operation Rescue, for example, who have stopped many an abortion?

Could somebody explain to me why Nattrass and DiLorenzo couldn't have presented themselves at the charity offices that night to forbid the action?

Could somebody explain to me why Nattrass and DiLorenzo DIDN'T SIMPLY CALL THE BLEEPING COPS???? (What happened is bleeping illegal in Virginia.)

This killing (and no, I don't mean "mix-up") is far more horrendous (and no, I don't mean "embarrassing") then any story of clergy sexual abuse I've ever heard. And I live in Boston and have heard plenty.

Two children in Virginia were horrifically abused, with the cooperation of Catholic Church leadership. One is a living, albeit wounded, 16-year-old immigrant girl. One is a dead baby.

Outcry, anybody? Shall I expect the so-called "survivors' supporters" to raise the roof?

I'm not holding my breath.

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