Saturday, November 28, 2009

Missing Vocations? Help find them.

The Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations helps men and women follow God's call to service in the Church through a life of consecration.

How? By offering grants that eliminate the delay many young people face as they struggle to pay off their student debts. These grants cover a candidate's student loan payments while he or she is in formation for either religious life or the priesthood.

From the Mater Ecclesiae website, some good news:

We are helping 50 men and women follow their vocations (and have helped another 21 to try their vocations), and each year we must raise the money necessary to make their student loan payments. These men and women are learning to become priests, monks and brothers, and nuns and sisters and pray each day for you, for the Church and for the world.

And some bad news:

The truly awful news is that we have had to turn away 58 young people who wanted to offer their lives to Christ, but could not because of their student debt! Will the Church lose these vocations?

She won't if you help. First, pray.

This video dramatizes the plight these good folks—and potential servants of The Church—are facing. Watch it, and pray. Visit the Mater Ecclesiae website to find out more about their work. And, if you can help in a monetary way (or know someone who can), all the better!

Thank you. You will not go unrewarded.