Thursday, December 03, 2009

Contemplating a Christmas gift list for priests...

...that is, for any priest who would love to give me a gift for Christmas.

Heading the list is a simple mantra, one that Father Z has popularized, but in any case one I—and I pray most Mass-goers—hold dear:


Starting out with a simple "good morning"....

...or "good afternoon" or "good evening" or "how the heck are ya"—why do so many celebrants think this is so necessary? So much necessary that it precedes the Entrance Antiphon, the Sign of the Cross, and one form or another of the most beautiful of greetings: "The Lord be with you"?

You might say this is no big deal and perhaps you're right. But I think it is the beginning of the slippery slope that shines the spotlight on the celebrant, rather than Whom he is acting for.

Besides, it's the first thing that happens at Mass that sets my teeth on edge, and this being my blog, there you are.

More, God willing, later. Meanwhile, if you want to add your own gripes, feel free.

Remember though, to pray for our priests...and to thank Our Father for giving them to us, and to ask for more, in Jesus' Name.