Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Planned Parenthood Lies. Again. Does anybody actually believe their you-know-what?

Hello Indiana and all the ships at sea! Breaking news bulletin? [yawn] Your state Planned Parenthood organization has been [yawn] once again caught in a [yawn] bleeping LIE!

The crickets are cheeping not because this boring per se...but because it's so bleeping predictable. Planned Parenthood was built on lies, has operating on lies, and continues to operate on lies.

Founded on the notion that A Better World could be obtained by eliminating, or at least "controlling," the population of blacks, the disabled, the mentally challenged, and other "undesirables," Planned Parenthood has a knack for getting itself caught in everything from child sex trafficking to being merely stupid. All to worship the baal called Abortion which, of course, is murder but in the PP dictionary is described as a "woman's right." Crap, right? 'Course it is.

The latest? Back in May...

...when threatened with the loss of your money and my money funding its monstrous activities, the outraged organization sent out a press release on behalf of its Indiana "projects." Included in the hissy fit was this interesting tidbit [read: LIE]:

The law [defunding PP] deprives Medicaid patients of their choice of health care provider in violation of federal law.

Not so. You, Cecile Richards, were speaking like a moron. And a liar.

As if anybody with a brain needed to know this (and evidently, folks do!) Live Action did what they do the lie.

Get this, folks, in Indiana and elsewhere: NO WOMAN needs Planned Parenthood, be they Medicaid patients or ordinary folk to obtain preventative health care!

Tell me, ladies...if the local baby killer in your city folded, would you be screaming that you would no longer be able to obtain, say, a pelvic or mammogram? Didn't think so.

In other news—surprise!—President Obama is apparently threatening to cut off poor folk from health care unless legislators take note of his stamping and screaming temper tantrum and give the baby-incinerators the dough they want.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adopt-a-Soul-in-Purgatory Project!

Can you imagine a greater joy -- outside of meeting God, naturally -- than to meet someone you've "sponsored" to Heaven?

We all know that there are super organizations -- PLAN comes to mind, but there are many others -- who give us the opportunity to "adopt" a child, or adult, and monetarily, and with loving letters and gifts and so on, help this person on his or her journey through this life.

But what about eternal life???

The plan is simple. I'm assuming you pray daily for your deceased loved ones. This plan helps you pray someone you don't even know into Heaven!

Where to find them?

You can find them anywhere. An obvious source is a church. How many stained glass windows, for example, have you admired? Look closer. Chances are, there are those who've dedicated that window -- or statue, or font, or candle, or, for you priests, the sacred vessels -- to a deceased loved one. There you go -- that's your "sponsored soul." Or, if you're browsing through the paper, or reading the news on the Net, or overhear someone on the subway talk about a deceased friend or relative...need I go on? The fact is, a gazillion people die every day. This, then, is our fodder.

Yeah, I know, we're busy...and yet...

By asking the Holy Spirit to help you, you will come across somebody -- anybody -- who would greatly appreciate your prayers. And if you forget to pray for him or her or several? Not to worry! Jesus, through His Spirit, will surely remind you. I know. I've been blessed with these reminders for years, and I'm so grateful to Jesus for them that I could just kiss Him!

No kidding. I'll be reading a book, or blogging, or doing a crossword puzzle, or whatever and suddenly Mr. So-and-So and/or Ms. What's-Her-Name will jar my mind and I know, without a doubt, it's God reminding me of my commitment.

When this happens to you, thank the Lord!

And then offer a brief prayer for your adopted soul(s). I guarantee you, you -- and they -- will be abundantly rewarded!

God love you!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whoa! Obama's Big Brother approach to physicians?

WASHINGTON — Alarmed by a shortage of primary care doctors, Obama administration officials are recruiting a team of “mystery shoppers” to pose as patients, call doctors’ offices and request appointments to see how difficult it is for people to get care when they need it.

Complete article here.

The government could survey consumers directly, but patients may not accurately recall how long it took to get an appointment, and their estimates could be colored by their satisfaction with the doctor, researchers said.

Let me understand this. The government could ask consumers directly, but, gee, they might've been satisfied with the service and therefore their opinions would be "colored?"

I understand that there's a shortage of physicians. What I don't understand is why hassling them is going to improve the problem.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pius XII and the Jews: for Catholics and others who THINK, rather than the so-called "thinking" catholics

I'm linking this blog to a rather lengthy article. So, no offense, but all you "progressive catholic folk" may have trouble reading it. I ask to you to try. There really aren't any big words.

A key paragraph, regarding that old wheeze that Pius XII was "Hitler's Pope:"

Curiously, nearly everyone pressing this line today—from the ex-seminarians John Cornwell and Garry Wills to the ex-priest James Carroll—is a lapsed or angry Catholic. For Jewish leaders of a previous generation, the campaign against Pius XII would have been a source of shock. During and after the war, many well-known Jews—Albert Einstein, Golda Meir, Moshe Sharett, Rabbi Isaac Herzog, and innumerable others—publicly expressed their gratitude in Pius. In his 1967 book Three Popes and the Jews, the diplomat Pinchas Lapide (who served as Israeli consul in Milan and interviewed Italian Holocaust survivors) declared Pius XII “was instrumental in saving at least 700,000, but probably as many as 860,000 Jews from certain death at Nazi hands.”

Read the whole thing. And please...use the brains the Good Lord gave you, if you choose to do so.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Okay, so Keith Olbermann's not the brightest bulb in the socket, but about Galileo...

Sorry, but I've heard—for years!—the unadulterated...

(...for you those of you who actually like shows like "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," the word is synonymous with easier words like "pure," and "utter," along with phrases like "out-and-out")...

...crap about the Catholic Church and Galileo.

Now personally? I never watched that Olbermann guy when he was on real TV and wouldn't dream of troubling myself to watch him on—what's it called?—oh yeah, "Current TV."

Neither, evidently, would the Catholic League's Bill Donohue, but somebody in his organization taped the silly show and got Bill's dander up. With good reason, I guess, although most "thinking" Catholics I know are hip to The Galileo Myth. And The Inquisition Myth. And so and and so on.

(I love using the adjective "thinking" in the correct way to describe Catholics, by the way..."progressives?" Do take note. And hey, folks, guess what? Research and libraries have been invented and there's even talk about something called The Internet coming along to make fact-checking a little easier.)

Anyhoo, since I'm quite fond of Bill Donohue, I'm posting his review here for your reading pleasure.

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June 22, 2011

On last night's edition of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," the host claimed that Galileo was punished by the Catholic Church for "his belief that the earth orbited the sun and not the other way around." He also said that "the Church acknowledged errors had been committed in assessing Galileo's scientific beliefs. They did that in 1992."

Commenting on this is Catholic League president Bill Donohue:

It is not for nothing that Olbermann's new show is drawing such phenomenal advertisers like "Furniture Fix" and "Gyro Bowl." Indeed, whenever a show has to rely on junk products for revenue (the sure give-away is when they advertise that the buyer gets "two for the price of one"), it's an ominous sign. More than ominous is the intellectual acuity of Olbermann.

The fact is that the belief that the earth revolves around the sun was first broached by Copernicus, in 1543, and that was many moons before Galileo was even born. Copernicus not only did not get into trouble with the Catholic Church—he was a priest. Moreover, when Galileo first floated Copernicus' idea, he was bestowed with medals and gifts by Pope Urban VIII. What got him censured was his arrogance: Galileo argued that his hypothesis was a scientific fact, something which even the scientific community of his day scoffed at. It is instructive that Father Roger Boscovich didn't get into hot water with the Church at the time, and yet he also explored Copernican ideas.

It is false to say that in 1992 the Catholic Church acknowledged errors in dealing with Galileo. That happened in 1741 when Pope Benedict XIV granted an imprimatur to the first edition of the completed works of Galileo. What happened in 1992 was the release of a Pontifical Academy report on the controversy.

If Olbermann were simply wrong, that would be one thing. But it was his snide delivery that was really offensive. Glad we taped his new show—we knew it wouldn't be long before he threw a low-blow at the Catholic Church.

Contact the executive producer, David Sarosi:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ow! My eye! (on Matthew 7:1-5)

When I read today's Gospel this morning (Matthew 7:1-5) my first thought was:

Gee! This is EXACTLY what so-and-so, and Madame X, and Mister Z, and What's-His-Name should read...sheesh, they're always judging everybody!

When I heard it at Mass today, I found myself narrowing my focus on Just Whom Exactly I would point this passage out to.

While the priest read on—it's a short passage, which outta give you an idea of how fast my mind was working—I'd made a mental list of folks to contact, which included, but was not limited to:

My Husband (he's always correcting me!)
Some of My Fellow Bloggers (always with the criticisms, sheesh!)
Certain Clients (gee, with what they're paying me, do they expect perfection?)
Many Fellow Parishioners
My Neighbors (okay, okay, we'll get to mowing the bleeping lawn!)
My Own Blog Commenters (especially that guy "Edward" who criticized my profession in my blog on Father Unni...wait, though, parenthetical comment coming up!)

(Edward wrote in the comments box, with tongue no doubt firmly planted in cheek:

Father John,

Please stop celebrating Mass with those in the advertising industry. It is an industry that functions by manipulating your flock into thinking they have needs not met by Jesus and the Church. It is because of the advertising industry that people feel it is more important to consumed material goods than to attend Mass.

We, of course, pray for people like Kelly and understand why she may act upon her economic needs but that is no excuse for doing so. Surely the Church can not be put in position of endorsing the advertising industry by giving communion to those who do such things.

I gotta tell ya, this post cracked me up. It's true...I'm in advertising and spend a great deal of time trying to convince others to spend their hard earned money on things they probably don't need.)

A N Y W A Y...

After the Gospel was proclaimed, the priest—to my utter astonishment—said:

This Gospel tends to make many people I know want to grab their phones and/or send an email or in some way tell people how lousy they are because they judge others.

Naturally, I was flabbergasted. At first. And then—I couldn't help it, honest!—had to muffle my laughter. At myself.

I judge, you judge, all God's children judge.

The point is...we're not supposed to. Yes, it's a spiritual work of mercy to gently, and with much love, try to correct wrongs. But that's a far cry from judging people.

Judging people—in the words of our President—is above our pay grade. (And there I go again!)

Folks, pray for me. Continue to correct me, if I'm wrong. And try very hard not to judge me...and you know what? I'm going to try very hard to do the same.

I have no choice, really. See, I've got this plank in my eye that keeps me from seeing clearly. And only God's grace—and my genuine contrition—will remove it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Folks, it's not that bad! :-)

[sigh]...You could almost here it through the computer. Still another person—embarrassingly enough, probably my age or thereabouts—on Facebook, wondering "What Was Wrong With This Generation?!?!?!?"

Folks, relax. Really! People have been asking this question, I'll wager, since Eve asked Adam if Cain has "issues," sheesh.

There's nothing more Wrong With This Generation than there has been since
you were a kid, since your parents were kids, since your grandparents were kids, and if you don't believe me, I've asked the late, great Mr. Paul Lynde (may the Lord welcome him into His arms) to repeat the words he mourned in the 1963 hit, "Bye Bye Birdie." I coulda uploaded a video but you know what? I want you to sing along and laugh out loud. Mr. Lynde, if you please:
Kids! I don't know what's wrong with these kids today!
Kids! Who can understand anything they say?
Kids! They're disobedient, disrespectful oafs!
Noisy, crazy, dirty, lazy, loafers. (And while we're on the subject)

Kids! You can talk till your face is blue!
Kids! But they still do just what they want to do!

Why can't they be like we were, perfect in every way?
Oh what's the matter with kids today?

[now stare into the camera, or your computer, and sniffle]
Kids! I've tried to raise them the best I could. Kids. Kids!

Laughing, singing, dancing, morons! (And while we're on the subject)

Kids! They are just impossible to control!
Kids! With their awful clothes and their rock 'n roll!
Why can't they dance like we did,
What's wrong with Sammy Kaye? [uh...who's Sammy Kaye? The name sounds sorta familiar]

Oh, WHAT'S the matter with kids today?
Ladies and gentlemen of River City—whoops, wrong musical, sorry! Anyway, folks, I've seen teens and twenty-somethings acting like jerks, sure...but not as jerky as I was at their age. More to the point, I've seen this generation act, talk, walk, pray, sing, dance, enjoy life, and love God with an enthusiasm that makes me want to...well, sing!
Why can't they be like we were, perfect in every way?
Because they're human beings...and God loves 'em! You love 'em too, okay? Thanks!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Please, Father Unni. An open letter to Father John Unni, Pastor, Saint Cecilia, Boston


Saint Ephrem

Father John J. Unni, Pastor
Saint Cecilia Parish
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Father Unni,

In reading your parish bulletin of June 5, 2011, I was struck by the prayerful vibrancy of your parish. Please be assured that your parishioners, particularly the ill and deceased for whom you have asked prayers, as well as yourself, are remembered in my daily conversations with Our Lord.

Too, one cannot help but be inspired by, and grateful for, the active, Christ-like activities of so many of your parishioners. And, of course, the progress your parish has made in your renovations is nothing short of amazing, particularly given these difficult economic times.

It is, I know, not usually up to the sheep to counsel the shepherd. Yet I fear I cannot remain silent at a disturbing notice I read in your latest bulletin:

Liturgy to Commemorate Boston Pride 2011

The Rainbow Ministry of Saint Cecilia Parish invites all friends and supporters of the LGBT community to a Mass in celebration of Boston’s Pride Month. The liturgy will take place on Sunday evening, June 19, at six o’clock, with a reception following. The theme of the liturgy, “All Are Welcome,” honors Christ’s message of hope and salvation to all people. We will also celebrate the diverse community that finds its home at Saint Cecilia and acknowledge, in a special way, the generous and warm welcome extended to the members of the Jesuit Urban Center in 2007. The Mass will be celebrated by Father John Unni and concelebrated by several of the priests who faithfully ministered at the Jesuit Urban Center for so many years. Please plan to attend this special liturgy and support the diversity that makes Saint Cecilia such a special place.

To put it in the only way I know how: What the BLEEP are you DOING???

Forgive my emotional response, but in this case I believe it is called for. Because you see, dear Father Unni, I truly believe that you are sincere in your desire to be what is called "inclusive"—and I admire that tremendously.

Only you're going about it the wrong way.

Perhaps you do not quite see it this way, but this is the way it is: in trying to be "inclusive" to your parishioners—to say nothing of others who might be attracted to the message you are sending out—you are, in fact, abetting the exclusion of your flock from the Catholic Church.

Surely you are well versed in Church teachings. We, as one Body in Christ, embrace all, of course. We do not, under any circumstances, condemn those who, for whatever reason, are sexually attracted to those of the same gender. Indeed, we pray for them, and offer whatever support we can. The apostolate Courage comes immediately to mind, but there are many other resources...including loving pastors.

I beg you, Father Unni, please do not use—I might say abuse—the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to "celebrate" what is clearly contrary to the teachings of the Church as handing down to us by the Divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

I understand that there is a movement afoot, calling upon people to protest this Mass to Cardinal O'Malley. I pray that this not happen, which is why this is an open letter. I pray that it not be necessary. I pray, above all, that you reconsider your plans and turn your enthusiasm, instead, toward saving the people entrusted to you...and to recognize what the word "inclusion" really means.

May The Risen Lord continue to bless you, and may we all benefit from the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In Christ,

Kelly Thatcher