Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Planned Parenthood Lies. Again. Does anybody actually believe their you-know-what?

Hello Indiana and all the ships at sea! Breaking news bulletin? [yawn] Your state Planned Parenthood organization has been [yawn] once again caught in a [yawn] bleeping LIE!

The crickets are cheeping not because this boring per se...but because it's so bleeping predictable. Planned Parenthood was built on lies, has operating on lies, and continues to operate on lies.

Founded on the notion that A Better World could be obtained by eliminating, or at least "controlling," the population of blacks, the disabled, the mentally challenged, and other "undesirables," Planned Parenthood has a knack for getting itself caught in everything from child sex trafficking to being merely stupid. All to worship the baal called Abortion which, of course, is murder but in the PP dictionary is described as a "woman's right." Crap, right? 'Course it is.

The latest? Back in May...

...when threatened with the loss of your money and my money funding its monstrous activities, the outraged organization sent out a press release on behalf of its Indiana "projects." Included in the hissy fit was this interesting tidbit [read: LIE]:

The law [defunding PP] deprives Medicaid patients of their choice of health care provider in violation of federal law.

Not so. You, Cecile Richards, were speaking like a moron. And a liar.

As if anybody with a brain needed to know this (and evidently, folks do!) Live Action did what they do the lie.

Get this, folks, in Indiana and elsewhere: NO WOMAN needs Planned Parenthood, be they Medicaid patients or ordinary folk to obtain preventative health care!

Tell me, ladies...if the local baby killer in your city folded, would you be screaming that you would no longer be able to obtain, say, a pelvic or mammogram? Didn't think so.

In other news—surprise!—President Obama is apparently threatening to cut off poor folk from health care unless legislators take note of his stamping and screaming temper tantrum and give the baby-incinerators the dough they want.