Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adopt-a-Soul-in-Purgatory Project!

Can you imagine a greater joy -- outside of meeting God, naturally -- than to meet someone you've "sponsored" to Heaven...in Heaven?

We all know that there are super organizations -- PLAN comes to mind, but there are many others -- who give us the opportunity to "adopt" a child, or adult, and monetarily, and with loving letters and gifts and so on, help this person on his or her journey through this life.

But what about eternal life???

The plan is simple. I'm assuming you pray daily for your deceased loved ones. This plan helps you pray someone you don't even know into Heaven!

Where to find them?

You can find them anywhere. An obvious source is a church. How many stained glass windows, for example, have you admired? Look closer. Chances are, there are those who've dedicated that window -- or statue, or font, or candle, or, for you priests, the sacred vessels -- to a deceased loved one. There you go -- that's your "sponsored soul." Or, if you're browsing through the paper, or reading the news on the Net, or overhear someone on the subway talk about a deceased friend or relative...need I go on? The fact is, a gazillion people die every day. This, then, is our fodder.

Yeah, I know, we're busy...and yet...

By asking the Holy Spirit to help you, you will come across somebody -- anybody -- who would greatly appreciate your prayers. And if you forget to pray for him or her or several? Not to worry! Jesus, through His Spirit, will surely remind you. I know. I've been blessed with these reminders for years, and I'm so grateful to Jesus for them that I could just kiss Him!

No kidding. I'll be reading a book, or blogging, or doing a crossword puzzle, or whatever and suddenly Mr. So-and-So and/or Ms. What's-Her-Name will jar my mind and I know, without a doubt, it's God reminding me of my commitment.

When this happens to you, thank the Lord!

And then offer a brief prayer for your adopted soul(s). I guarantee you, you -- and they -- will be abundantly rewarded!

God love you!