Monday, February 20, 2012

Anti-life's lamest excuse: "there's no help for women in crisis pregnancies!"

Satan's greatest achievement is the lie. The clever lie, which, if charged with enough emotion and silliness, makes others his believers. One of the most effective:

"These so-called `pro-lifers' would sing a different tune if they were asked to actually help a woman in a crisis pregnancy!"

(Often, there's a "hah!" delivered after these and similar statements, evidently calculated to ultimately vindicate the claimant.)

To which I say: HAH!

All one needs to do is google "alternatives to abortion." The results flow in. There are literally thousands of resources, most of the free of charge, for women and men in unwanted pregnancies who do not want to go the abortion route.

One "catch" if you will...the pregnancy must NOT be "terminated."

To put it more simply, the baby MUST live.

So. If carrying an unwanted child to term is not an option, then, yes, you're right...I can't help you. But if it is, then there are plenty of people willing to help you and your baby. And I'm grateful to say that I'm one of them.

Can we stop kidding ourselves?

Can we please, please, stop with the lie that folks aren't willing to step up to the plate and help stop unwanted abortions? Because we all know that's a lie.

If an abortion is wanted, so be it. (God help us, but that's the reality.)

If it isn't, there's plenty of help to stop it and to save a child. (Thank God, that is the reality.)

May God continue to bless you.