Monday, February 13, 2012

"Physician-Assisted Suicide": just another way to get rid of the unwanted

Sorry, "Hemlock Society" but your name change may fool some folks, but it isn't fooling, for example, the Massachusetts Medical Society:

The Massachusetts Medical Society, the statewide association of physicians with more than 23,000 members, today voted to reaffirm its opposition to physician-assisted suicide, with its House of Delegates voting by a wide margin to maintain a policy the Society has had in effect since 1996.
Opposition to physician-assisted suicide was part of a larger policy statement that includes recognition of patient dignity at the end of life and the physician’s role in caring for terminally-ill patients. The policy was approved by more than 75 percent of the Society’s delegates.
Lynda Young, M.D., president of the Society, said that “Physicians of our Society have clearly declared that physician-assisted suicide is inconsistent with the physician’s role as healer and health care provider. At the same time we recognize the importance of patient dignity and the critical role that physicians have in end-of-life care.”

The proposed ballot question slated for November is horrendous at best, murderous as its kindest adjective.
Here's a scenario of a typical case:
John Q. is ailing. Maybe cancer, maybe a mental illness, maybe incapacitated by an accident. John Q. is, understandably, upset. Perhaps he's upset because he feels he's a burden on his relatives, or, because he's in pain, or both. Or a combination of other factors. At some point, John Q. wonders if life is really worth living.
Enter the "heroes": the Hemlock Society (nope, I'm not giving the link to the new, "more humane-sounding" name)
"John Q," they tell him—or, more than likely, his relatives who are, again, understandably, weary of John Q's pain—"tell ya what you outta do. Just ask your doc to prescribe some nice, soothing pills that'll take ya away from all this misery—and, by the way, the misery you're causing your loved ones, poor things, and hey, presto, everybody's problems are solved. You're gone, off no doubt to the [insert religion of your choice]'s promise of your reward and is everybody happy? Yes!"
So, the hapless physician—who probably doesn't want any part of this but is required by law to acquiesce to his patient's request—is forced to prescribe a deadly mixture which will put and end—with "dignity," mind you—to poor John Q who will feel obliged to take the stuff (even though at this point he may have changed his mind, but gee, wasn't he the one who brought this all on?) and, ignominiously, die.
Although the fiends who really brought this all on will deny the ignominious part…they'll say he "died with dignity."
And who's to deny the fiends their claim?
Nobody. Why? Because poor John Q's death certificate won't say "he committed suicide." No indeed! The document will claim—shamelessly—that John Q. died of cancer, or a mental illness, or maybe an incapacitating accident.
That's the picture that Massachusetts voters will be asked to condone come November.
Let's not do this. It'd be laughable...except that it's a real bill.
For more info on this egregious proposal, please visit Suicide is Always a Tragedy. Thank you, and may God continue to bless you.