Saturday, July 13, 2013

Texas pro abortion protesters and the ugliness of sin

God is good. His creation is good. We know this because He called it "good."

Sin is not good. It's not only not good, it's ugly.

In Austin, Texas, yesterday, the Texas Department of Public Safety discovered "stuff" that some folks—again, God's creation—"planned to use" to disrupt legislative proceedings at the Capitol.

They found a jar of urine, 18 jars of feces, paint, feminine hygiene products…why?

Why. Because Texas legislators want to save unborn babies from pain and some folks don't seem to like that idea.

Why not. I don't know. I wish I did but I don't.

All I can see now is the ugliness of sin.

If there is some good in this, it is to remind me that when I sin, I show my own, uniquely designed, ugly face to God.

God is good. God didn't create sin.

We did.

And it's ugly.


The Texas Department of Public Safety (via KETNBC)

The Blaze

And others, which I'm too saddened to read. I'm a blogger, not a journalist. And not a masochist.