Thursday, July 11, 2013

Watch what you wear when you sin

I wear this Crucifix every day. It's as much a part of my everyday wear as is my underwear and my outer clothing.

Today I realized it's not a "holy" thing to do but rather a responsibility.

A small thing, to most. I was in a hurry, and, while dashing through my favorite shortcut, I encountered a couple—no doubt tourists in Boston—try to get through a revolving door.

First, they pushed it the wrong way. That mistake discovered, they did that thing that drives me nuts…they both tried to get into the same revolving door cubicle. And, of course, got stuck.

Hey, I started out good!

Gently, I squeezed into the door and just as gently, separated them, nicely instructing them on the niceties of revolving door etiquette.

Everything would've been okay, if only….

If only I hadn't opened my big mouth, is what's only.

Yep. 'Couldn't just let it go. Had to comment to my laughing audience about the "idiocy of tourists." Nice, Kel, really nice.

It wouldn't have been so bad except….

One member of my audience noticed my Crucifix. Admired it. Went on her way.

Leaving me feeling lousy.

Here's the thing. If you or I are going to sin…leave the Lord out of it. That goes, not just (but most of all) for me, but I'd imagine this piece of advice might come in handy for those who wear habits, cowls, and Roman collars.

Sinning is bad enough…it not only hurts me, it hurts the entire body of Christ.

Sinning while wearing one's belief in this same body? Not well played. Not well played at all.

Kyrie eleison.

May God continue to bless you.