Monday, November 03, 2014

Parable of the Twins

(This is an adaptation translated from a source I'm unaware of…but it's pretty cool. Enjoy!)

A Conversation Between Twins in Utero

So. Two unborn babies had a chat about what would happen when they had to leave the womb. We'll call them James and Peter.

~ ~ ~

James: "You're saying you believe in life after birth?"

Peter: "Of course! Maybe we're in here so that we can prepare for it. There must be something after birth!"

James: "Life after birth? That's absurd! There's no life after birth. Just how would that look like?"

Peter: "I'm not sure. I have a feeling it's much more bright, and we'll be able to walk and feed ourselves with our own mouths."

James: "What insanity! You know well enough that it's impossible to walk. And eating with our mouths? Preposterous! That's why we have our life cord for! I'm telling you, bro, there's no `life after birth!'"

Peter: "Look, our birth cord is short…too short. I'm thinking that life after birth is pretty different from what we're used to."

James: "But nobody ever returned to tell us what it's like! Life ends with birth! And besides…life is nothing but confinement to this small, dark place…"

Peter: "Well, I don't know exactly what life is like, but we'll definitely meet our Mother!"

James: "`Mother'??? You believe in 'Mother'??? Okay. If she exists, where do you think she is now?"

Peter: "She's everywhere around us! Thanks to her, we're alive! Without her, we wouldn't have existed!"

James: "Sorry. I don't believe it. I've never seen `Mother,' so obviously she doesn't exist."

Peter: "Maybe you're right. But yet…but yet…sometimes? When we're very, very quiet? We can hear how she sings…and, well, gently strokes our world. You know, James? Actually, I think that with birth? Life only begins!"

~ ~ ~

Epilog…a few months later…

Peter: "Uh…James?"

James: "Shut up! (I love you.)"

Peter: "Love you more!" :-)