Monday, February 09, 2015

If you're reading this, you're prayed for and blessed by God Himself!

Guess what? You've just been prayed for (by me) and blessed by God!

How did this happen?

Simple. Once you understand — or probably better worded — once you believe — that God can and does do anything and everything…stuff we can't understand but deliciously believe, believe, believe? This is like A B C !

If you're like me…

(Time out for a sec…if you're really like me you might want to pray a bit for yourself…okay, back to the program here)

…then you are oftentimes asked for prayers.

This is a good thing. When asked for them, offer them. Right then and there. We're straight on that? Good!

Now, here comes the GREAT news…

You know how Saint Paul tells us to "pray without ceasing?" 'Course you do. But how do we actually do that?

Especially, how do we make sure that everyone who needs our prayers — and that would include everyone in the whole world, living and deceased — gets them?

Why, we ask our loving Father, in Jesus' Name, to step right in!

And I've a feeling They'll love to do it.

If you know — if you truly, truly know — that (1) God hears you, and (2) God loves you, and (3) God wants to do whatever you ask of Him, and…and this is the most important: (4) God can do everything and anything? — then this is so simple it's almost embarrassing!

Just ASK Him!

Wait…it gets better!

I'm not merely suggesting that you ask God to hear your prayers for Mr. A, or Mrs. B, or Your Friends C, D, and E. Oh no! Let's take a gigantic leap forward here!

Ask God to hear your prayers for — and bless — Each. And. Everyone. Each and everyone He allows to cross your path!

You can do this! Listen to a prayer I offer each morning…and gleefully remember all day long:

Abba, Father, I thank you for the gift of life, and for the newness of life in Christ Jesus. Hear my prayers for each and everyone you allow, or have allowed, or will allow to cross my path…and for all whom You've allowed my path to cross. And Abba? Bless each one, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus! Thank You!

That's it! Well, no, that's not exactly it. I mean, don't give up praying, by name, for those, all of those people who've asked you to do so. I'm not suggesting you give up intercessory prayers…no, no, not at all.

What I'm telling you, though, is that — as God well knows — we, as poor humans, cannot possibly, on our own — pray for every single person in the whole world. Not on our own. But…

We can, with God as our Loving Father, and Creator of all? We can! Because He can…and wants to!

Try to imagine the implications here.

You're stuck at home because of a snowstorm (like I am right now). Who's crossing your path? That book you're reading? The author is. That email you got from a pesky client? He is. Those folks you're remembering? They are.

Or, say you're on your way somewhere.

That guy that almost hit you on the street? He is. The bus driver? Your fellow passengers? The people in line with you at the grocery store? They are.

That guy you forgot about but dated in high school? He was. (Remember: each and every one who has ever crossed your path.) The wrong number on your phone? Yep.

You're watching TV or messing around with Twitter or Facebook…or something. Scrolling down? They're all blessed…and you've just prayed for them.

The news guy? You might not know it but he just lost his Mom. Guess what? God's blessing him, and, and showing mercy to his mom! Thanks to you! And thanks be to God!

These miracles are incredible…aren't they? I
magine your own and you know what? They're not "imaginary!"

So smile! That's the most fun thing about this!

Next time you're sad, or frustrated, or tempted to become angry at someone, or something, or even yourself, remember…God is blessing you, and them. Each one.

Rejoice! Be giddily gleeful at what God can — and is — doing.

Just because you asked Him. And just because He loves you.

And may He continue to bless you!