Saturday, May 02, 2015

Mary. Your crown defeats the fake "crown."

She didn't go to the tomb, because what would be the point? She knew He would rise again…He told them, He told everybody. She believed.

Still, it was agonizing to remember…the scourging, the desertion, the crucifixion…but most of all, the humiliation of a "crown" made of dead branches, of thorns. Mocking her Son.

So she just waited…probably cried. Of course, she cried! That sword, the sword Simeon foretold…yes, it pierced her. Her Son, her Child…it was almost too much to bear.

Still she waited…and contemplated that horrible "crown" that someone -- was it John? -- gave to her before they placed Him in the tomb.

And waited…and cried. Who wouldn't? She witnessed it all…from the humble birth of her adorable Son…His growing up…His becoming a man…His ministry. Yes, she saw it all, right until the end.

She knew it wasn't really the end…she believed Him…yet, still she wept.

And then He appeared to her. Embraced her, He, so gloriously beautiful, His eyes filled with love and…yes…gratitude.

And He reached for the hideous "crown" and while she watched it became -- alive! Alive with the most beautifully created blossoms mankind ever saw!

She knelt. And with gratitude and love, He placed the once hateful symbol on her beautiful head…and she looked up at her King…she, the Queen of all creation.