Monday, February 27, 2006

Life before BIRTH (was "Life before conception")


Everything I wrote yesterday in the post directly beneath this one is completely accurate...

...except the stuff I got wrong.

Alarmed at impending heresy charges, I skedaddled back to the chapel from whence the Italian priest's words were heard, anxious to save my sorry skin from the rack or worse.

(Okay, okay, I was on my way out to Mass anyway.)

After Mass, I got to talk to the priest. Guess what?

I got the quote wrong. (Mama Mia!)

From what I can remember (and no, I wasn't going to make a further fool out of myself by writing down what the priest said this time but I think I've got it was only about a half an hour ago), Padre was referring to the baby's dreaming about the angel friends he remembered from the womb...not when he was in Heaven.

So that "rather wonderful something" I heard yesterday? I didn't hear it right, after all.

Which is odd, since I'm usually such a good eavesdropper!

Still, it's pretty cool, I think...the notion that unborn babies can sense the angels watching over them, being their friends.

Thanks to Catholic Mom, Barb, and JenB for their kindness in the comment boxes below.

In this case, the good Padre wasn't wrong...the lady in the pew was.

It happens. (I hate when it does, but it does happen.)