Sunday, February 26, 2006

Life before conception

Right on the heels of posting a link to Melanie Bettinelli's Pregnancy Reflection, I heard something rather wonderful after Mass this morning at a wonderful chapel I love to frequent.

An young-although-elderly Italian priest was speaking to a young couple. A baby was sleeping in his mother's arms.

(I, cheapskate that I am, was waiting to get my parking validated.)

The priest said something like:

"I he dreaming of his angel friends?"

The parents — and I — looked at him. The priest continued his theory:

"You see, it hasn't been long since he, or his soul, was in Heaven. Of course, I don't know this from books, but it is possible, no? I think your souls and my souls were in Heaven before God gave us our bodies and placed us in our mothers' wombs. Children remember...but, ah, as we grow older, we forget. I think maybe he is dreaming of his angel friends."

Makes sense to me.