Saturday, January 13, 2007

No Crucifix around the neck, but on the lapel is fine and I'm confused

From Britain's Telegraph:

A devout Catholic schoolgirl has been banned from wearing a crucifix in class on health and safety grounds. Samantha Devine, a 13-year-old pupil at the Robert Napier School in Gillingham, Kent, yesterday vowed to keep wearing the tiny cross, even if it meant being expelled.

Same story, from This is London:

A Catholic schoolgirl was asked not to wear a crucifix on a chain because it breached health and safety rules, her father said today.

Samantha Devine, 13, was told to remove the crucifix and chain to comply with school rules.

And from BBC News:

Samantha argued: "Everyone says they believe in God by going to church, but I believe in him in my own way.

"If I've got a problem, I always get it [the crucifix] and talk to it, and I feel that helps me."

Can anybody makes sense out of these stories? I've read 'em all and I'm still up in the air.