Sunday, January 14, 2007

"There was a wedding at Cana in Galilee"...what did you hear?

A reader writes:

A truly devoted Catholic and friend of mine asked me on Wednesday how often do we hear a priest talk about sin in his homily? I replied hardly at all. The conversation then went on to-- I wonder how often the priest talks about abortion, birth control etc. and we thought about today's gospel and the wedding feast of Cana and if we would hear anything about marriage? (it would be a perfect time to bring it up don't you think?) Well, our priest didn't say a word about marriage but talked about stewardship and money. So, I am wondering if there are any priests out there who did talk at all about the beauty of the sacramental vocation of marriage? Maybe you could ask your blog readers to reply. I am now curious.

Go for it. What did you hear?

(Just to weigh in early, I heard two rather good sermons on today's Gospel. One was devoted to Mary's faith, and how we ought to bring our concerns to Jesus and then trust in Him to address them in His own time. Another focused on the divinity of Jesus. In both Masses, the intercessions included a prayer for married couples. Neither sermon addressed marriage...or sin.)