Friday, September 28, 2007

Abortion: two dead, one's the mother

HYANNIS, Mass., Sept. 28 -- Eileen Smith has come forward in order to keep her daughter's abortion death from being "swept under the rug." Her 22-year old daughter, Laura Hope Smith, died on September 13, 2007, during an abortion done by Rapin Osathanondh at Women Health Clinic in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Smith told Operation Rescue that she had no idea that her daughter was 13 weeks pregnant and considering an abortion. A friend accompanied Laura to the clinic. Early reports indicated that Laura died of hemorrhage, but Smith says that her daughter died on the abortion table. "There was no bleeding. She stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest," said Smith.

Ten days after Laura's death, Smith met privately for one hour at a public place with Osathanondh. He would only meet with Smith alone and refused to allow even allow her husband to accompany her. Osathanondh admitted that Laura died during the abortion but refused to admit he did anything wrong.

Smith told Operation Rescue that the details of her daughter's death appalled and sickened her, but she could not discuss those details because she is seeking legal action against Osathanondh for killing her daughter.

Rest of the story here. Please pray.

And please act.

Operation Rescue is urging calls to the local district attorney asking for a formal investigation of Rabin Osathanondh in the abortion death of Laura Hope Smith.

District Attorney Michael D. O'Keefe
Phone: 508-362-8113

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Forty Days for Life

Cody Sain of "Taking Back Vatican 2" tells us about today's onset of a 40-day, pro-life protest.

Go to his site for details (scroll down a tad over the banner stuff), but let me highlight something Cody wrote:

During this time, I encourage everyone to pray the Rosary every day for the end to abortion, the success of this campaign, and for a greater respect for the sanctity of human life. With all due respect to non-Catholics, especially Protestants, I do not think we can end abortion without the Rosary. Why? It the greatest way we can honor the woman who bore the Savior in her womb. Thus, it is intrinsically a pro-life prayer.

Indeed! And this observation, of course, reminds me of one of my favorite pro-life sites: "Unborn Word of the Day."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Face it, feminists: "Lord" is a masculine appellation

I'm sure I've blogged on this before but it happened again today and...sheesh.

At the "Orate Fratres"...sorry, parenthetical comment coming up...

(Which, incidentally, translates into "pray brethren" and if my sisthren find something offensive about that I'm sorry but there you are. Deal with it.)

...I should've heard people praying:

"May the Lord accept the sacrifice from your hands, to the praise and glory of His Name, for our good and the good of all His Church."

However, some loud mouthed worshipper decided to Make A Statement, evidently (because this sort of language simply does not come naturally!) and in my ear bellowed:


Please. I beg you. Do not take what the ICEL did so long ago and make it even worse.

During the same Mass (a little chapel on the West Side of Boston I pretty much have to go to a couple of times a week if I'm to hear—excuse me, "participate in"—weekly Mass at all), this same person decided to join the priest in the words preceding the Great Amen and let me tell you something. When somebody starts doing this, it somehow catches some fellow worshippers off guard and, maybe because the words are so familiar, who knows, it's a sure bet that people will join in, saying "Through Him, with Him, in Him..."

(I'm halfway surprised that they didn't change it to "Through Christ, with Christ..." just to get rid of that evil masculine pronoun.)

People! Please. Don't. Do. This. Anymore. Ever.

Thank you, and may He bless you.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Shoes from The Fisherman

Very cool story.

Play the video while you're there.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome home Jeffrey Steenson!

Episcopal bishop Jeffrey Steenson, Rio Grande, is becoming a Roman Catholic.

Please keep him and his family, along with the Episcopal church, in your prayers. And Thank you, Jesus!!!!!

Commonweal's blog posts an interesting reaction to Steenson's decision. It makes not a whole lot of sense to me. Except for the seemingly obligatory statements and phrases—generally followed by a "but" ("Of course, all are welcome" and "Certainly ecclesiology is vitally important" and "I of course can't judge anyone's conscience")—it almost appears that the blog of the, after all, Catholic magazine is...I don't know...a tad uneasy about the gentleman's conversion.

(But then I was a tad uneasy about the blog's "Voice of the Faithful" advertisement so I guess we're even.)

May God bless you, Jeffrey Steenson. And may Jesus continue to use His members to join us all together in Him. Amen.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

From Grassroots Films, "The Human Experience"

If it's anything like "Fishers of Men," this one is going to be a winner.

View the trailer here. Scheduled release date: October 20.

Friday, September 21, 2007

And, Ripley's fantastic training continues...

This would be called: "Come, Ripley! Respond to the whistle!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kathy Saile redux: the lady says she's pro-life (please, God!)

In the mailbox today printed in its entirety:


From: Deirdre McQuade, Director of Planning & Information
To: Diocesan Pro-Life Directors, State Catholic Conference Directors & Friends
Date: September 19, 2007
Re: CNS Interview with Ms. Kathy Saile, New USCCB Director of Domestic Policy

Today Catholic News Service published an article on Ms. Kathy Saile's recent appointment as the USCCB's domestic policy director. The full text of Nancy O'Brien's article may be found on the CNS website at: [here]

By way of background, posted a piece Monday that has caused much unnecessary confusion. It inaccurately implied that Ms. Saile had pro-abortion commitments.

The CNS interview clarifies that the talk she gave, rather than endorsing abortion, actually challenged the seven women in attendance to question the abortion rights "litmus test" for political candidates.

I trust the CNS article will help dispel any rumors that may be starting in your community about this important appointment. We look forward to working closely with her upon her arrival in mid-October.


I SO want this to be true and I pray it is. What's still niggling me, though, is the gaping lack of the words "abortion" or "children's right to life" in the CNS story.

As director of domestic policy, she will be the staff leader of USCCB efforts on poverty in the U.S., health care, hunger, housing, work, agriculture, the death penalty and other national issues, working with the bishops' new Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development.

I guess now I'm wondering: why the bleep is a "new USCCB committee" needed, and if it is needed, isn't abortion something a director of domestic policy should be worried about?

Watch and pray. (And by the way, don't shoot me for saying this, but I'm not always totally thrilled with LifeSight.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kathy Saile and the U.S. Bishops: has she become pro-life?

I'm posting this entire press release because, may God forgive me, I'm afraid it might be removed soon:

Kathy Saile Named USCCB Domestic Policy Director

WASHINGTON (September 13, 2007)—Kathy Saile, a church advocate with a decade of experience in Catholic social ministry and Washington policy work, has been named Director of Domestic Policy for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

She starts her new position in October.

Since August 2004, Saile has been Associate Director of Public Policy for Lutheran Services in America (USA), in Washington. Previous positions include Director of the Office of Peace and Justice, Catholic Social Service of Central and Northern Arizona and director of the Archdiocese of Phoenix Catholic Campaign for Human Development, 2001-2004; and Coordinator of Social Justice and Outreach Ministries, Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, 1997-2001. She also served as a Loaned Executive to Catholic Charities USA, May-July 2003.

She holds a master’s degree in social work from Arizona State University, and a bachelor of science degree in organizational communication from Ohio University.

Msgr. David Malloy, USCCB General Secretary announced the appointment September 13.

“Kathy Saile brings to this important position strong commitment to the Catholic Church and its social teaching, impressive knowledge of key domestic issues and extensive policy and advocacy experience. Her service in diocesan social ministry and here in the nation’s capital will be great assets in helping the bishops articulate and advance the Church’s principles and policies seeking economic and social justice in our nation.”

Accepting the position, Saile highlighted her desire “to assist the Bishops in carrying out the Gospel mission” and expressed thanks for “this opportunity to integrate my commitment to social justice and my faith in my professional life."

The director of Domestic Social Development is the staff leader of the USCCB’s efforts on U.S. poverty, health care, hunger, housing, work, agriculture, the death penalty and other national issues.

Her office is within the new USCCB Department of Justice and Peace and Human Development and will work with the Bishops’ new committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development.


See, here's the thing, Excellencies and Eminences:

Your new appointment has a bit of baggage that I for one would like explained. Like, for example, her affiliation with "WIN." What is WIN, you ask? Let's let WIN tell you:

WIN is Washington’s premier professional, political, and social network dedicated to empowering young, Democratic, pro-choice women. Founded in 1989 on the idea that women can help women climb the ladder of success, WIN is now over 1,000 members strong and growing.

And guess what?

Last year your new "Director of Domestic Policy" spoke at a WIN dinner.

Now I kinda like the title of her address: "Did the Left Cede Heaven?" But I'm a little uneasy about the lady's past affiliation with Lutheran Services, which, for one thing isn't Catholic (yeah I know, ecumenism and all that) but more importantly, at least according to one source, has a habit of distributing birth control.

So tell me I'm all wet, Eminences and Excellencies.

Tell me that Kathy Saile is (I don't give a bleep if she's Lutheran) is one of the most avid and enthusiastic pro-life activists you've ever met, which is why you hired her to be your "Director of Domestic Policy." (Where do they get these titles?)

Tell me that a woman who most definitely spoke at an event sponsored by pro-killing people and who was, before her appointment by you, a director of a group that passes out birth control, is now an outspoken proponent of life (which I'm sure you'll agree is a "domestic" issue.)

Please tell me that. If you can't, then two words:

You're fired.

(h/t to Joe from Lynn)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Our intercessory prayers should be catholic and please note the small "c"

Today's readings knocked me out...and taught me something about prayer.

In the Gospel—that lovely report of the centurion's faith—we learn that the disciples of Jesus pleaded to Him on behalf of a Roman pagan...a guy that, in those days, would give most Israelites the cooties.

They approached Jesus and strongly urged him to come, saying, "He deserves to have you do this for him, for he loves our nation and he built the synagogue for us."

Okay. The guy was a Roman, an enemy, but still there was a rather self-centered reason for praying for him. "He deserves it. After all, he built a synagogue for us."

Nothing wrong with that and this is one of my favorite Gospel passages...

But I was even more struck by today's First Reading.

First of all, I ask that supplications, prayers,
petitions, and thanksgivings be offered for everyone,
for kings and for all in authority,
that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life
in all devotion and dignity.
This is good and pleasing to God our savior,
who wills everyone to be saved
and to come to knowledge of the truth.

Kings? Do you know who was the Roman leader at the time Paul wrote this to Timothy? Nero! The guy who, more than likely, put both Paul and Peter to death. The guy who took pleasure in torture and murder. The guy who makes Hitler look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, sheesh. Yet Paul urged prayers for him and other leaders.

Here's what I've got to remember:

"God wills everyone to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth."

This means I—and you, too, although you probably already do this—must pray for everyone. Not just for our sweet grannies and darling children and closest buddies but also for that old biddy who thrives on criticism and complaints, and for that miserable SOB at work and for Osama and for Hitler and for that idiot who cut me off yesterday on the way to church.

And for our leaders.

It's easy for me to pray for, say, George W. because I'm one of the very small percentage of people, or so I gather, who actually likes him. But if Hillary (or, let us be frank, any Democrat) makes it to the Oval Office, I must not only pray for her or for him but also take delight in doing so.

Hey. If Paul could do it for Nero, I certainly can do it for the folks who are running this temporary world.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Catholic Moms Matchmaking

"Because moms know best"

Leila Miller and Lisa Graas just embarked on something that may "sound archaic to modern ears, but the method is tried and true."

They just started out, but it seems to make sense to me. Check it out.

Sancta Missa Tutorial

You say that your parish wants to celebrate the Tridentine Mass but your priests are a little out of practice (or have had no experience)?

You say that you've got a parish priest who is eager to take advantage of the Holy Father's motu proprio, but you're woefully lacking in altar boys to assist?

Is that's what's troubling you...bunky?

Then lift your mouse up high and click here for a tutorial for priests and altar servers, courtesy of the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius (covered by an article by Zenit which in my humble opinion is a short must-read).

The work is a work in progress but also a work of love. Do explore this amazing website, and, to steal a thought from the Merry Old Philosopher:

Never give up,
Never give up,
Never give up The Ship!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mixed human-animal embryos...for research, of course

What's more horrific than the UK plan? Nothing, except maybe the comments on this story about Scotland's bishops opposing it.

Like wine? Pro-Life? Try Bogo!

If you haven't seen this website, I urge you to check it out.

Skoal! (And I wish I knew how to say this in Italiano!)

H/T to Jean.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Campus birth control discounts going. Childish adults weep.

From the ridiculous but true snippets from today's Boston Globe article on the horrible quandary promiscuous collegiate adults find themselves in:

The price of prescription contraception, including pills, patches, and other devices, sold by schools has jumped, with a package of birth control pills going from about $7 to between $30 and $50, according to local college health officials. The increase was the result of a change in the 2005 Medicaid rebate law that eliminated the large discounts drug companies had offered to college health clinics.

* * * *

The price increase has left Massachusetts college campuses scrambling to accommodate students' needs.

* * * *

Health officials also worry that some students will not use insurance [which they are required to have] to buy contraception because their parents see the pharmacy bills.

* * * *

"Most people in college are not working and they don't have extra money to spend on birth control," said Alexandra Hatzopoulos, 18, a freshman at UMass-Boston.

Imani Williams, a sophomore at UMass-Boston, said, "If the problem is children having children, then contraception shouldn't cost so much."

* * * *
Note to Imani and Alexandra: you are not "children." Kindly grow up. If you find this too difficult, then at least try to shut up. Thank you.

And do you believe the thing about their "parents finding out?" These are not kindergarten kiddies. They're adults! And yet everybody from Senator Edward Kennedy to the so-called "college administrators" (and, of course, Planned Parenthood...surprise) is in a tizzy because—why?—perhaps some young adults may actually be forced to either drop sexual intercourse from their course schedules? Good grief.

(In other news, nobody's been heard complaining about, say, lab fee increases.)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

We R Church redefines "arrogance"

In the same article (you can't make this stuff up) from Vienna we read:

Sunshine finally poked through the clouds as the Pope delivered his weekly Angelus prayer on the plaza. But a gust of wind blew his white skullcap off his head, sending aides scrambling to retrieve it.

"The wind has spoken for itself," the Pope joked as more gusts tugged at the crimson mantel around his shoulders and repeatedly flipped it up over his face.

Then we are told that:

We Are Church, an influential Catholic lay organization pressing the Vatican to abolish the celibacy requirement for priests and give women a greater role in the church, displayed a banner Sunday that read: "We demand reforms."

Catch that. "We demand reforms."

Okay, so the Holy Father can laugh at himself while the "influential Catholic lay organization" demands reforms. On the same day. In the same place. Within the same hour, for heaven's sakes.

Kicker quote coming up:

Paul Weitzer, a group spokesman, said members were disappointed that the Pope did not agree to meet with them.

Benedict, he said, is "too arrogant to speak with us."

Like I said. You can't make this stuff up.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tridentine Mass planned for this Friday in Boston's South End

From Robert Quagan:

Fr. John Connolly, Rector of Holy Cross Cathedral (recently named administrator of Holy Trinity) has officially given his consent to the request that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in its Extraordinary Form (Tridentine) will be celebrated at Holy Trinity (German) Church in Boston’s South End. The Mass will be offered in thanksgiving for Pope Benedict XVI's recent motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum. The Mass will be celebrated by Rev. William McInnis, SJ on Friday, 14 September 2007 at 6:30 pm. All parishioners and friends of Holy Trinity are cordially invited to attend. Given that Holy Trinity was the home to the Indult Mass for 17 years, it is a fitting place to celebrate the Holy Father's gift on the day it takes effect. This will be a low Mass but, in keeping with Holy Trinity tradition, there will be music. Genevieve Schmidt, Director of Music, is responsible for the music program.

The church is located at 140 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, MA. Telephone: (617) 426-6142.

Related: plans are to celebrate the Novus Ordo Mass in Latin at Boston's Saint Francis Chapel at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, September 11.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

"We R Church" criticizes Pope! In other breaking news...

The sun rises in the east!

Water is wet!

Snow is cold!

From Reuters:

"The situation screams for solutions," said Peter Hurka, spokesman for the We Are Church grassroots activist group.

"There will be only speeches, no discussions (during the visit). The Church is about to lose those under 50 years old. You can't pray away the problems."

Coupla points, Peter.

The Church isn't losing those under 50. Au contraire, or however you say it in Austria. The Church is gaining people under 50. It's the aging hippies She's concerned about.

Of course, there are the Austrian exceptions, evidently, to what I just said:

The youth wing of Austria's governing Social Democrats will hold a rally on Friday against Benedict's conservative stance on homosexuality and women's rights.

(By "women's rights" they mean the We R Church's increasingly boring call for one of my favorite oxymora: "women's ordination to the priesthood." I have no idea what they mean by "Benedict's conservative stance on homosexuality.")

And you know what? You really can pray away problems, Peter o' Mine. Ask Jesus. (You've heard of Him, I'm sure...He founded the Church you're kvetching about.)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Labor Day Lesson

Actually, it was a beautiful day, last Monday. Sunny, breezy...I was just about to go out to the front porch when I heard a horrendous noise and, hurrying out, gaped at what happened to my friend Nina's car (which she left in my driveway to "keep it safe" while on vacation.)


As I surveyed the damage, I couldn't help but (okay...I
could've helped but chose not to) utter a minor expletive. "Oh, gosh, what can be worse??? This is terrible!!!" (Expletive, mild as it was, deleted.)

The family next door was enjoying a Labor Day picnic on their front lawn.

I always like when they do this. For one thing, it's cool having a real front lawn in the city. For another, it's totally cool, in my opinion, to actually
use a front lawn other than for show. How many people do you know who actually use their front lawns? But I digress.

A little kid woke me up.

"Oooh," she said. "Aren't we happy nobody was hurt? Yay!" I looked at her, looked at her mom, looked at the car, and looked at the ground. Finally I mumbled my thanks to God...and to His little angel who gave me a lesson I sorely needed.

Eco-Pope wears green INTENTIONALLY last Sunday! (Sheesh)

Intentionally wearing green vestments, he spoke to a vast crowd of mostly young people sprawled over a massive hillside near the Adriatic city of Loreto on the day Italy's Catholic Church marks it annual Save Creation Day.

A number of bloggers are chuckling over this media gaffe, but my favorite is from those wonderful folks at the Creative Minority Report.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bobby Jindal: hey, he's a CATHOLIC!!!

THE DEMOCRATIC Party has undertaken an ostentatious outreach to religious voters, creating a Faith Advisory Council and cultivating clergy around the country. But these efforts might be more credible if Democrats were not simultaneously trying to incite conflict between Roman Catholics and Protestants in Louisiana - and managing to offend both groups in the process.

According to a recent television ad run by the Louisiana Democratic Party, the leading Republican candidate for governor, Bobby Jindal, has "insulted thousands of Louisiana Protestants" by describing their beliefs as "scandalous, depraved, selfish, and heretical." Jindal, the attack goes on, "doubts the morals and questions the beliefs of Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Pentecostals, and other Protestant religions."

The ad is theologically ignorant - Methodism and the others are not "religions," they are denominations. The main problem, however, is that the ad stretches the truth so phyllo-thin it can only be called a smear.

This is just the beginning of an intelligent, thoughtful article by non-Catholic Micheal Gerson.

The kicker? It was published in today's Boston Globe!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Another great article on Blessed Teresa...

....can be found here at the National Catholic Register.

It should be no surprise that a Time magazine story is using the 10th anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa to suggest she doubted whether or not God existed. After all, to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus each year, national glossy newsweeklies regularly publish cover stories casting doubt on Jesus himself.

Indeed, in the mid-1960s, the magazine's cover blazed with the question: "Is God Dead?"

The article is a good read.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fresh from Ripley

My newest roommate.

"Father, forgive them..."

Of course we have an obligation to forgive those who hurt us in any way.

But what if we simply cannot find it in our heart to do so?

Take a tip from Jesus.

On the cross, did Jesus say to his torturers "hey, no problem, I forgive you"?

Nope. But He didn't curse them, either.

Instead, He turned, as we can, to our Father.

"Father, forgive them, they know not what they do."

Now, before all you theologian types start pounding on me:

I think this is a really good way to obey God's command to forgive our enemies, even when, as human beings, we truly cannot bring ourselves to do so.

Ask God the Father to forgive them. Jesus did it.

And when the resurrected Christ met the ones who abandoned Him, what were His first words to them?

"Peace be with you."

Have a problem forgiving someone? No problem! As God your Father to do it for you. Your own forgiveness will soon follow.